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The success of your company is directly linked to your ability to recruit the right talent, fast. We use human intelligence and AI technology to help you source the best talent and ensure they are aligned with your values and culture.

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Permanent Placement

In situations involving upper-level or specialized personnel, Permanent Placement is often the best way to attract top candidates. With this arrangement, GeekFindrz candidates become a full-time employee of your company from day one. There is a one-time fee based on their annual compensation.


Contract employees work at your company through GeekFindrz under your direction and control. We assume responsibility for all payroll procedures, taxes, workers’ comp issues, among other things. You receive a convenient weekly invoice based on the number of hours the employee works.


Filling positions on a contract-to-hire basis allows you to evaluate performance before committing to a permanent hire. After working for a predetermined period of time as a GeekFindrz contract employee, the individual can be hired on with your company or retained as a contract employee for as long as you choose.

7-Day* Turnaround

We help you source the right candidates faster.

*On Average

100% Retention

All placed candidates transitioned to long-term positions.

60-Day Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

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